Subtle vibration thru accelarator pedal & passenger floor


Took manual 2002 Sub Legacy wagon with 112K miles in for typical 30K + 15K work: new plugs, filters, inspection of belts, brakes, lubricant in differential, clutch slip - everything manual says to do at the 30 and 15K interval

It came back with a subtle vibration/pulse that is felt through accelerator and not through brake or clutch pedals. It is subtle, but rapid. It seems slightly worse when pushing the RPMs like going up a hill, but is there regardless of gear #. When I lift my foot off the acc; the sensation in my foot goes away. It sounds bizarre, but the best analogy is the sensation that is in your arms/hands when pushing a lawn mower and then you stop and your hands ache for a few minutes from the exposure to the constant vibration. That is what is occurring in my foot when I lift it off acc.

Took test drive with garage to show them and my sitting in passenger’s side, I noticed vibrating sensation was coming thru floor into both my feet. Confirmed its recent start with my teen son who is a frequent passenger.

One other symptom, the engine revs when running RPMS to upshift and just accelerating in general have a grating sound, which did not exist before. It is not quite a grinding.

Car does not idle rough or shake when in idle and shifter does not visibly vibrate when in idle.

What are the possibilities, so I can take it back to my regular garage and have them fix it as it wearying on my foot and it feels like things are out of sync, which I know is not good. Thanks!


Have you had any tires replaced? There is a reason for me asking this, but I need your answer so I can make a firm choice.


Not during this visit. All four tires replaced 16K ago. I asked shop to rotate tires as part of service, but did not see it on my bill, so I figured they did not do. Thanks for contemplating this issue!


A tire or wheel is the easiest thing to trace down to. Check there first.