Gas Pedal/Theft Light/Engine Off

I have a '01 Ford Taurus with 90,300 miles.

For the past month, as I drive the gas pedal would periodically move on its own, the engine would decrease in power, and the theft light would come on. The local Ford mechanics can’t find the problem. Now when I come to a full stop, the warning lights come on and the engine shuts down. I have trouble starting it againn. It’s at the mechanics again and they still can’t find the problem. Any answers out theree?

I would suggest looking for a local independent mechanic.  Dealers don't have a monopoly on knowledge.  Some times they are not even in the running. 

However stick around for a couple of days.  There are a lot of people around here who have a lot more knowledge about these things than I do.  You should get some good suggestions.  However they can't do a hands on so if they all strike out follow my first advice.

Do you have power adjust/memory pedals?

You may have a bad motor mount. This would let the engine move and pull the accelerator. It might also pull the wires and cause electrical problems.

Thank you.