Gas pedal Not working in Mazda 6 2007

The lights in my Mazda got light left on overnight and the battery was dead this morning. I jumped the car with my truck and the car started. I noticed that the motor was shaking quite a bit. All of the service lights on the dashboard were lit when I started the car. I was able to shift the car into drive and reverse, but when I press the gas pedal, there was no response at all. It quickly stalled. When the car was a neutral, I was not able to rev the engine at all. The engine oil was low so I added a bit, but it didn’t have any affect

When a battery is disconnected or goes completely dead the computer in your car needs to go through a relearning process.

Your Mazda 6s has a throttle system that is electronic. Most cars of today and the past have a direct mechanical cable connection from the gas pedal to the throttle body, so when you push the gas pedal, the throttle opens which increases engine speed. Your car doesn’t have the cable, it’s operated by two separate but connected sensors, one being on your gas pedal linkage, and another on your throttle body that opens and closes the butterfly valve. You might want to visit some Mazda forums that have ‘6’ owners on there so they can give you specifics.