Gas overflow at pump

I bought a Trail blazer instead of another boat, as we will now tow 1 boat to and from as the other boat died. Trail blazer is an 03, and at BP the gas fills and always overflows on to the fender. Shell was fine until today, nozzle shut off then a giant burp of gasoline out of the fill hole, just like BP. Is there something I need to look at repairing?

The vent line from the top of the filler tube to the tank may be plugged.

This can also happen if the charcoal canister is saturated from repeated ‘topping up’ of the fuel tank. This MAY be due to a faulty purge valve.

Are you getting a Check Engine light after starting the engine after a refill?

I have no check engine light, I had to read the manual to get the oil change light to go off, but all is good!

If all is good as you say, then just forget about it. Most cars are totally unaffected by the occasional overfill. Most likely, your Trailblazer just shrugged off that incident.