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Gas or diesel

we are planning on buying a used truck to pull a 29’ Alpenlite fifthwheel, was my step dads and he just passed away.

Is gas or diesel better and what about standard or automatic, my husband can drive a standard but would rather not.

That’s a big trailer. If I were making the call, I’d get a turbo diesel automatic. I had a 30’ motor home a while back with the gas Ford V10 in it, and the thing strained like hell when we had it in mountain country. Meanwhile the diesel rigs were waltzing right by us.

I think diesels are best if you’re pulling and hauling almost full time like ranchers and construction.
But if you’re pulling that trailer only three of four times a year get a gasoline truck that will be a better daily driver yet can handle the part time load.

I would guess that diesels have a little advantage, but in reality, you want what is best for your uses and that might well be a diesel or it may be a gasser. Test drive what you are thinking of and see how it feels.