Gas mileage improvement


Does anyone know of a SAFE and EFFECTIVE way of increasing gas mileage? Do hydrogen generators work and are they safe?


The best ways to improve gas mileage are to drive more conservatively and maintain the vehicle including tire pressures.

Hydrogen generators do not work.


Maybe a legitimate post.

NO…HYDROGEN GENERATORS DO NOT WORK. It’s a total scam. I for one don’t know why those people aren’t in jail yet.

Best thing you can do to increase gas mileage…is to drive better. Don’t be traveling 20-30 mph over speed limit. No jack rabbit starts. Try to keep your speed smooth and steady.

Mechanically - Check your tire pressure regularly…I like to keep mine about 2-3 lbs above what manufacturer recommends. Keep the car tuned up. Change air filter regularly. And I’m sure I’m missing something which other posters will point out.


I assume you are looking for a gadget or a chemical additive to use with your current vehicle. There are none, repeat NONE, on the market that will do what they claim. Every single such item is a swindle. Hydrogen generators, in particular, are all the rage these days. They are worthless.


Does anyone know of a SAFE and EFFECTIVE way of increasing gas mileage?

I know of several:

-Slow down. Your car gets its best fuel economy in top gear with low RPMS. This is usually around 60-65 MPH.
-Lighten the load. Remove unnecessary cargo and other objects. For example, I have recently stopped driving around with two spare tires and a floor jack around town. One spare and the stock jack will have to do. I have also removed my rear seat since it never gets used.
-Keep up with the maintenance. Regular oil changes, tune-ups, and a clean air filter will save you fuel. The same goes for properly inflated tires.
-Sweat. Riding around with the windows up and without air conditioning will save gas. In fact, you can save even more gas by removing the air conditioning system completely, making the car lighter.
-Install and use cruise control if you don’t have it. If you have it, use it whenever it is safe to do so.


A few more things…Try to avoid using the brakes as much as you can. Hot brakes waste a lot of energy. Anticipate stops and coast up to traffic lights using minimal braking. Limit hard acceleration. Accelerating a 3000# vehicle takes a tremendous amount of energy…Professional drivers, driving to achieve maximum fuel mileage, can usually DOUBLE the figures obtained by unskilled drivers…


For a wealth of information on the recognized, LEGITIMATE ways to maximize your gas mileage, take a look at:


Nice link. But the fuel economy curve only goes up to 75 mph.

Just kidding.


Remove the AC, Hmmm. I think I will get me an L88. They don’t have air conditioners so I should save a lot of gas. A little logic goes a long way!


I don’t believe for a second that you are kidding.