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Gas leaking(pouring) from under car when filling tank

93 ford ranger…have had problems filling tank for several years now since had repair done on engine and now this today. when it was overfilled before it came out the spout, not from underneath.

I’m not sure what you would like anyone to tell you, other than that obvious fact that this situation is extremely hazardous, and needs to be fixed immediately.

If you decide to park the vehicle on the street, rather than repair it immediately, just one carelessly-tossed cigarette butt will end your truck’s problems permanently.
And, I hope that you would not park this rolling Molotov Cocktail in a garage.

The current problem may or may not be related to the prior problem when filling the tank, but you should be aware that overfilling a tank to the point of overflow from the filler neck can lead to problems with the evaporative emissions system. And, you should bear in mind that a 16 year-old gas tank could have become perforated by rust.

All I can recommend is to have it towed to a local shop for examination and repair, and that repair might include anything from replacement of a gas line, to replacement of the filler neck, to replacement of the gas tank.

Sounds like a leak in the filler neck.