Gas in oil smell in a 2002 chevy cavalier


replaced Fuel Pressure Regulator but still notice smell of gas and sometimes at start up rough idle.


I’d check if you have a rotten fuel line/hose in the engine bay, or maybe an externally leaking fuel injector

Another possibility is that you have a MASSIVE intake or exhaust leak, and the pcm is commanding more fuel, in an attempt to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio

Some intake leaks somewhat seal up as the engine warms up, thus the rough idle only at cold start up

Let me clarify about the exhaust leak . . . if there is a leaking exhaust manifold gasket, the oxygen sensors will pick this up, and the pcm will command a lot more fuel


The only way gas can get into the oil on a fuel injected engine is either a leaking fuel pressure regulator or a leaking injector.




“The only way gas can get into the oil . . .”

What are you talking about?


Look at the title of the post.



Gas in oil is common in cold weather with worn rings if the engine doesn’t get fully warmed up. Blow by will do that. So @rexair , tell us exactly what you mean - is this when you smell the dipstick?



You’re right . . . I missed that

I wonder why he’s so sure that gasoline has found its way into the crankcase . . . ?

I’m suspecting there’s some vital information missing

such as hard starting . . . or maybe he changed the oil and it smelled like it was diluted with gasoline


+1 to texases’ comment.

Can the OP tell us about the normal driving patterns for this car?
If those patterns include a lot of short-trip local driving, then this problem would not be that unusual with 14 year old engine.