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Gas smell/ 2001 Subaru Outback

I’m getting a gas smell when I start the car in the morning-especially if its cold. I typically blow the defroster which only makes it worse. It seems to be worse when its colder out and does not happen as the day goes on. My mechanic has checked for leaks-none. I thought it might be an oxygen sensor(?), he does not think so.

any thoughts?

There was (is?) a recall on certain Subaru models of that era as a result of defective fuel line clamps that allow a small amount of seepage during cold weather conditions. I would suggest that you phone the service department of a Subaru dealership, give them your VIN, and ask–Are there any active recalls on my vehicle?

If the recall was never completed on your car, you may just be eligible for a free repair.

The problem might be caused from a leaking fuel injector O-ring.

Sometimes you have to look very closely at the intake manifold to see if there are any witness stains from where gasoline has been leaking from an injector.

And other times you have to leave the vehicle at the shop overnight to check for a leaking injector when the engine is cold.

But it takes very little gasoline to create that smell.