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Gas in my air intake manifold!

Guys, this is really a continuation of a long problem that is best viewed in it’s original post, which is very nearby on the discussions list under “TPS & IDLE issues on 93 Geo Prizm”. Please read it and try to solve this one. I’m going nuts here. Everytime I touch something, I find more that that this “Issue” has caused problems with. So go there and lend me a hand, PLEASE!! THANK YOU!

If there’s gas in the intake manifold, look for a leaking fuel pressure regulator.


And could you also post ideas for how to clean the intake manifold when it’s been caked with gas and gunk? I’m afraid to use throttle body cleaner mixed with gasoline - might be an explosive combination!!
I’ll check the fuel pressure regulator, but I just put it in this year.

Just trying to keep my two posts together. where would the gas, coolant, air and oil all mix together or intersect if something was leaking? Cuz all of them are spoiled with gas. BUT the SPARK PLUGS ARE FINE and no gas smell or nothing.