Can oil leak out of Intake Manifold?

Can oil leak out of Intake Manifold? i have Oil around lower intake manifold gasket. is this serious issue?


It’s more likely the oil is leaking past the failed intake manifold gaskets

Failed intake gaskets are far more common than a physically leaking manifold

Regardless, this is potentially a serious issue. Depending on the engine design, a failed intake gasket could also let coolant into the crankcase, which would be a serious problem

what is the function of intake manifold? how is oil coming out from intake, is this engine oil.just want to know.

Assuming this is a V configuration engine then yes. The intake manifold is what brings air to the cylinders. Depending on your engine there may be oil splashing around under the intake manifold, and when the seal or gasket there gets old the oil can leak out.

Knowing the year and engine of the vehicle might help.

I can’t see how oil can leak from an intake manifold. Coolant yes. But oil no.

There’s no moving parts in the intake manifold that requires lubrication so why would there be oil leaking from it?


The OP hasn’t said what kind of car. In some cars with V type engines the intake manifold also acts as a valley cover. If the gasket is bad oil can leak under it.

The OP tagged it as a Dodge Charger, but without even a model year.

So it’s either a V6 or a V8 . . .

He probably simply has failed intake gaskets

Get it done and move on with your life . . .

it’s 2007 3.5L V6 dodge charger

I believe it would be impossible for the intake to leak oil. This is an overhead cam engine. It does not have a valley with lifters like old school pushrod engines. The only things being sealed by the intake are the intake and coolant passages.

It is common to find engine oil between the mating surfaces of a plastic intake plenum and lower intake. There is usually an O-ring seal below the plastic plenum and oil accumulates in the gap. The source of the oil is a fine mist though the PCV system and is generally not a concern.

You may notice a trace of oil near the bottom of the intake plenum but there should not be any oil dripping.