Fuel gauge won't work?

Hey, everyone I got this 1981 ford fairmont wagon for free. From this elderly lady it was her husband.he bought used in 1983 it had 73,000 on it Iook like it been kept in garage real clean looking the mileage now on it is 34,154 I am
guessing she has over 200,000 on her.The problem I am having is the fuel gauge won’t move.is there a fuse for it or do you think the sender is bad. I can not find a sender any where
any help would be great

Check to see if voltage is getting to the gauge using a voltmeter. You should have voltage on the input to the gauge and a lower voltage on another lead going to the sender. If you don’t have any voltage then you need to check the voltage regulator in the instrument panel.

I’m willing to bet that after 30 years the sender is hung up. I don’t know if you can access the pump & sender assembly without dropping the tank, but if you can you can lift it out and check it for yourself, as well as checking for a variation in resistance when it moves through its range.