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Gas fumes from a parked Cabriolet

Hello: I recently rented a lovely studio apartment that the home owners built above their double garage. Both of their cars are parked in the garage every night. From the Cabriolet (20 years old) comes a powerful smell of gas after the car is turned off, which rises to my apartment. Opening the windows doesn’t even help. It seems like this powerful odor is coming up through the floor and through the windows. What is the problem with this vehicle that it should be emitting such heavy fumes? By the way, their other car is a 2011 Sentra, which doesn’t seem to have any bearing on this problem. Thanks so much for your advice.

If it continues to smell just while the car is parked there then it is leaking gasoline. Since gasoline, as I’m sure you know, explodes - this is something to chat with them about.

If the smell dissipates then it probably just means that it is running rich (too much fuel). They’d probably get much better mpgs if they has it fixed.

When my car smelled of gasoline after driving it, the fuel pressure regulator needed replacing. They should have the Cabriolet checked out to find the source of the leaking gasoline.