Gas cap leakage 190e

Hi All,

I 've got a good laugh for you all and a request. The other day I tryed to drive my car away from the gas station with the filler nozzle still attached, I was distracted …never mind why. Now when ever I completelty fill up my 190e it is leaking fuel out of the cap/filler area for the first few miles. I can’t see any bent areas and the cap is fine. Any ideas ?

yup… you goofed.

the filler neck is “soft” connected to the tank. a hard yank can dislodge the gasket.

you should get this repaired asap.

the risk of explosion is huge. a leaking gas tank releases vapors.

you DON"T smoke do you?

see the importance?

oh, and the vapor recovery cannister is related to this too.

more connections to leak vapors.

get it fixed.


i would hate to see something bad happen to you