G35 not humming along @ 50

Hello cartalk community. I have a 2003 infiniti g35. With about 93k. When I reach about 50mph I begin to hear an off balance hum. I believe it is coming from the front tires. If I speed up past 70 I cannot here it or its frequency increases to where it is not noticeable. I thought it was my tires but I recently replaced the two front tires but the humming still is present. I don’t know if its the steering, wheels or the engine. A few months ago I ran over a curb (drivers side) and had the front bumper replaced due to damage. I’m almost positive that knocked something off alignment, but I took it back to the repair shop and they said they could not find anything. Please advise.


It could be a wheel bearing. Whacking a curb can damage a bearing, and if that’s when the noise began but new tires and an inspection of the front end has not found a cause, the bearing would be my guess.

So car goes down road straight? Tires seem to be wearing ok? Why do u think something is out of alignment than?