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I am thinking of buying tomtom xls want to spend around $300 any feedback would be greatfrom GPS owners .Thanks for the help happy xmas

If you don’t need it for a Christmas present, try ebay after the new has worn off of those that were. About 2/1/08 should work.

I’ve never driven behind a tomtom, but have a Garmin Nuvi 350 that a bought last spring for about $270 under retail.

I have a Tom Tom. I just got back from a 1200 mile trip. That was not my first using it. I would not take a trip with out it. They (All GPS units including other brands) are great. They are accurate and very helpful.

Feel like lunch, ask what is available, you are not stuck with what is listed on those freeway signs.

Get lost, no problem it knows the way (it once routed me though the services roads behind the hangers of the airport in DC saving me several miles, when I took a wrong turn)

This last trip I was driving a route through NYC in traffic on a route I had only drive a couple of times. Much more pleasant. No worries about where I was going, where the exit was, did I make a wrong turn or what lane I should be in. I could keep my mind on just the traffic.