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G Diesel

I pulled into a Sinclair station to fill my Duramax diesel. Their price was about $.20 cheaper than the other places in town. As I was pumping the fuel I saw 2 stcikers on the pump. One was the normal stciker about the fuel being ultra low sulfar. The other sticker said the fuel was G Diesel and touted it as the cleanest burning diesel. Never having heard of G Diesel I went home and Googled it. I found some information that said G Diesel is 2 parts diesel mixed with 1 part methane. The manufature claims it burns cleaner and is more powerful. To me it sounds like G Diesel burns hotter and might not be good for my engine. Does anyone have any information on G Diesel? Has it been tested or just trown on the market?

Thanks, fuego555

Well, it can’t be 1/3 methane, that’s a gas. Did it say ‘methanol’? But I’ve never heard of methanol in diesel…

Just did some googling: looks like another scam. They somehow react methane with the diesel fuel over catalysts. Nothing different from any other refinery. And the originators of ‘GDiesel’ apparently have a long history of other ‘breakthroughs’ that turned out ‘busts’.

I think I would stay away from GDiesel for the moment anyway. It’s touted as improving fuel economy and that’s always a big red flag. If it pans out then you will be able to use it in the future. I think it’s more or less a scam.

Many landfills have huge diesel gen-sets running mostly on Methane, natural gas…These engines were designed to do this…

Today, natural gas is selling for around 10 times less than diesel fuel on a BTU content basis…This might explain how they could sell it for .20 cents a gallon cheaper than straight diesel fuel…I wonder if they can work this magic with gasoline or jet fuel…It looks like the methane makes up about 10% of G-Diesel’s volume.

I would hold off burning any more Gdiesel till I heard from the customer service department at GM, if that’s your truck, and got the OK from them. I woudn’t throw anything but straight diesel in mine till the manufacturer was really familiar with the fuel and gave me their blessings…what the fuel maker says, means nothing IMO as Dr. Gunnerman is the guy making the money. For now, wait and see.