Fuse Location - Explorer


Does anyone know the location (number of the fuse) for the horn on a 96 Explorer Sport Trac ??? The owners manual was misplaced and the fuse block doesn’t have any labels per fuse number. I’m trying to avoid pulling each one out, one at a time and checking them.


You might try downloading a manual at


Look under the hood for the fuse/relay box. The Horn Relay is in the loser deft hand corner of the box. It might be labeled Horn/PCM Memory fuse.


Great info there Beadsandsands about using the Ford website. It looks like fuse #11 of the maxifuses in the power panel under the hood is the correct one for the horn. The fuse also supplies power to the PCM so pulling the fuse to just disable the horn can’t be done if that is the intent. Pulling the horn relay will work though as I think the other poster hinted at.


Thanks for the info. I found the fuse and the relay for the horn and both were good. I’ve determined that the horn mechanism on the steering wheel probably has a loose wire/connection behind it. Does anyone know how to take this off ? It’s the cover which also has the controls for the cruise control.


I can?t help you with the details, but be careful of the air bag. Does the cruise work. If not the clock spring might need replacement.