Fuse for a 1993 olds delta 88 blower fan

I have a used 1993 Olds delta 88 with no manual and missing the fuse block cover. I am looking to find what fuse number would go for the blower fan. My fan quit working on all speeds and am hoping it might be a fuse. I have not done anything to fix this yet, the problem started when I had turned down the fan and switched from defrost to vent or bi level. When I went to defrost and turn on the fan awhile later there was nothing.

To figure out whether it is a fuse that you need, use a test light or multimeter at the power connection for the blower motor. If you have voltage you don’t need a fuse, you’d need a new motor. If you don’t have voltage just look for the blown fuse in the under dash fuse block, there aren’t that many. If no blown fuses you have another problem.

try taking fuses out and looking to see if they are blown

Try these


Free owners manual download. I think it is your model.

Here is fuse

Thanks to everyone, I will try this stuff out. Have a good day