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Fuse blows with horn

Hi, I have a 1998 Honda Accord EX v6 having a little issue.

Any time the horn is honked there is a 20 amp fuse that blows. When the fuse is blown, the horn does not work, the cruise control does not work, and the gear shifter will stick in park after the car is turned off. The car can be put back into gear by unlocking the gear lock, and I can just put in a new fuse to “fix” the problem.

Any thoughts?

Avoid using the horn or take it to a good mechanic to find the short.

Locate and repair the short in the horn circuit.

Have you considered that your horn might be shorted to ground?

Unplug it, at the horn, and try to blow the horn. If the fuse still blows the horn relay is probably at fault, or the circuit from the steering wheel to the relay, but the horn itself is much more likely to be the problem.

Note that many cars have 2 horns. You may have to locate and unplug them both to find your problem.