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Funny sound

I have a 1996 Toyota T100 with 165000 miles. I recently changed the exhaust system and now have a funny metal vibration-like sound on acceleration. It seems to go away after getting up to speed but is very audible from just a few mph up to about 50. I checked the attach bolts and they are tight. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the new exhaust system.


Jim in Fairbanks, AK

Sounds like a heat shield vibration.

Check to make sure that the new exhaust isn’t contacting anything. Bear in mind that under accelleration the engine shifts, and moves the exhaust with it. Make sure the pipes are nowhere near anything.

That’s what I was thinking but didn’t find anything on initial inspection. I’ll have to look harder to see if I can find any loose hardware. Thanks.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll look for wear/chafing marks around the exhaust system. Since I didn’t replace the rubber hangers, maybe I should do that if I don’t find anything.