Funny sound after two repairs--Mini Cooper

Hi all,

My 2003 Mini Cooper is making a painful sound while it’s moving:

In any gear, my car sounds like it’s dragging a long wooden branch–with lots of little branches on it. The sound stops when I shift into neutral. I think the sound might happen if I press the gas while the car is idle.

My car’s never made this sound before.

Some points to mention…

- Mini Cooper–standard transmission

- 101,800 miles

- replaced clutch last month, so transmission was taken out

- replaced two passenger axles a week ago; mechanics fixed the sensors on the tires.

- got all four new tires last month

Do y’all have any advice for me? Do you think any of the recent work on it might cause this sound?

I appreciate any information! Thank you!

Is this the supercharged version? If so it may be the supercharger going out.

My car is a regular ol’ 5 speed. I’m curious what similar components might be causing it then–thanks!