Fuel up

has anyone use the fuel up plug.to save gas.you plug it in your cigarette lighter.

just more. useless junk.
I suggest. that you not. waste your. money on this type. of hokum.

This one is #2 on my list of all time scams, right behind hho. It particularly bugged me because a big catalog shop was selling them. I emailed them, referred them to a number of tests demonstrating the product was a scam, and they said in effect “Well, the vendor says it works, so that’s good enough for us”.

This one’s so laughable because there’s no reason to even think it SHOULD work, unlike other scams which at least have a shred of logic buried in them, somewhere.

It’s a SCAM. If it worked the device would be standard issue in EVERY new vehicle. The fact that it’s not should give you a great big clue right there.

how can something that plugs into a cigarette lighter save gas?


how can something that plugs into a cigarette lighter save gas?

Well Mister Scoffer, it’s by power conditioning of the vehicle’s electrical systems. Conditioned and clean power allows the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU), fuel injection and engine timing equipment to operate more efficiently.
So there. Believe it or not.

@auto-owner may we assume you are the proud owner of one of these devices?

Pure meaningless gibberish. “Clean power”…what a pile of BS!

Believing in this would be the equivalent of believing in zombies.

I don’t see how it would work!

If it did all of the conditioning to the electrons and all of that stuff in an above post, would the total fuel savings be more than a mpg? To get the most savings we need to look at the what the engine is doing, making a force to move the car, if we look at Newton’s law, f=ma the m or mass of the auto is the killer. look at it this way a SUV and an economy car, the lightest car always get the best fuel mileage.

Unless that cigarette lighter thing plugged into the OBDII port and reprogramed the injection map, I will not be wasting my money on it.

@texases, You mean I’ve wasted all that money on zombie repellant?

This is total spam and should be removed.

Just junk physics. Anyone who passed high school physics should know this.