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Fuel Tank & Fuel Fittings (Quick Disconnects)

This one is shooting up, not lateral. First, I replaced it with a new fitting, next I replaced the quick disconnect fitting with better seals (O-RING 011 NITRILE C 70 DURO 5/16 IN ID 7/16 IN OD 1/16 IN WALL). Same result. I think the problem might be the 90 degree male pilot fitting, but I cannot get deeper and look down on the male pilot fitting attached to the tank cover. Anyway, have you had this problem, and how did you fix it?


Your description is rather cryptic, but if I understand correctly it may be corrosion around the tank fitting, probably a very expensive repair job.

Most of it is made of plastic parts. I just edited the link to the video, so you can see it this time. Thanks!

You don’t want to read this but… drop the tank. Either there is corrosion preventing a seal, a crack in the pump line, or a burr cutting the O ring in the quick connect. No way to confirm without a good look. The only way to get a good look is drop the tank.

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Ford quick connects are a PIA for DIYers. Attempts to correct one leak usually results in causing another which is usually in a more difficult to reach location.