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Fuel Tank Coatings, Special 'Red' Paint

What is the name of the coating used to coat old fuel tanks? Someone told me it starts with the name “Red …” and also some other chemical may also be used. Radiator shops supposedly use this stuff but the ones in my area dont mess with that stuff.

Just FYI to tank restorers, Ive had lots of luck using vinegar to clean out rust and will be using it on my somewhat rusted fuel tank. It takes 3-5 days per surface area unless you fill the whole tank up with it but thats needlessly expensive.


There is POR 15, but I don’t knw what color it is. There is also the stuff that’s used in the aircraft industry for coating the inside of wing tanks. It’s available from Sealpak in Wichita KS. Their number is on their webiste. Click enter.

There’s a product used on the inside of old Harley Davidson crankcases to prevent oil bleeding through porous aluminum and this stuff holds up well (decades) under oil and gas.

It’s called Red Gasoila, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for or not.
If not, the aircraft tank suggestion would be the way to go.

I found it. Its called RED KOTE.

Read about it at: