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Fuel tablets

Has anyone heard of or tried fuel tablets? You pop the pill in your gas tank before filling up and it’s supposed to clean carbon deposits for a clean, longer-lasting engine and reduced emissions. I see there are several on the market, just wondering if anyone knows if they work, or if they’re safe.

I wouldn’t use them. Use a bottle or two of Techron, or other similar stuff. Pills automatically make me think they’re going to work less, or not at all. Solvents and cleaners are not normally solid, right?

Sounds like a scam to me. There are lots and lots of scams selling something to add to the fuel or the oil or … I seem to recall that the last time I heard about pills, they did nothing good to the engine, and you might end up causing problems.

First fine out what you need a fix for. Don’t just use something to fix a problem that you might have or that your third cousin once on his 1965 Ford.

If you are having a problem, how about telling us why you think you have a problem and what you have done etc. Maybe we can give some help based on knowing what the problem is, if any.

My late father told me about Model T owners who popped mothballs into the gas tanks of their Model T Fords to boost the octane, give better performanc, better mileage and a whole host of other benefits. My dad thought that any benefit was probably psychological. My guess is that this is the same for today’s fuel tablets.

These things are scams, pure and simple. If they worked, ALL car manufacturer’s would recommend their use. Since none do, you have to assume, correctly, that they don’t work.

Here’s another vote for Techron. One bottle per year.

If the “Fuel Tablets” contain “Para-Benzine” or something like that then they ARE Mothballs…Useless…

In other words, use your fuel tablets in your dresser drawers, not in your gas tank.

Seems like the only thing new is people who will buy this. The pill in a gas tank thing can be found in old magazines and newspapers of the 20s and 30s.