Fuel System Cleaners & Additives

Does Gumout (Regane fuel system cleaners & additives works? How about STP, Chevron, & other brands?

They tend to work if you have a simple problem in your fuel system. Sort of like a super detergent, or Drano to clear your sink. Most fuel systems don’t have problems since today’s gasoline already has a lot of cleaner in it. If the dirt is sand or clay, no cleaner will help; your filter and maybe other parts should be replaced.

Do you have a fuel problem? Don’t accept any service station’s offer of a cleaner, unles you have a problem, and then shop around; auto supply stores sell this stuff cheapest.

Thanks for your fast feeback.
I don’t have fuel problem. I am just curious if they work & if I ever need them later, I know which to use.

Gasoline has fuel system detergents in it by federal law. Under normal circumstances no additional cleaners are needed. Once or twice a year I add a bottle of Techron to the tank of my car, just on the theory that it can’t hurt anything, but you certainly don’t need to use them on a regular basis, regardless of what the adds say.

You might be interested in reading the information about detergent gasoline at TopTierGas.com

I have never needed to use a fuel system cleaner. I know that Techron has helped some folks clear up problems with the fuel level sensors in the tank. If I needed one that is what I would use.

Most times they are not needed. In my boat I use sea foam and do an occasional dose for my car just for kicks. Sea foam has been the most recommended by knowledgeable people to me.

I have used Techron to reduce a pinging problem, it helped some. I would use it again.

They all work, but for the most part they are a fix looking for a problem. With modern cars and fuels there is very very little need for cleaners or additives. Modern fuels contain all kinds of addatives. The additives are maindated to assure cleaner operation. You don’t need to worry about them. If you do need them, then likely there is something wrong with your car.

What about small engines on lawnmowers and snow blowers? I know to add gas stablizer to the fuel put in those and at the end of the season to run the tank totally dry to avoid gumming the works while the machine sits idle for half a year. But is there anything about the way those smaller engines work that would truly benefit from Techron and/or Seafoam or such?