Fuel System

I Have been told from three different people that my car pproblem is either 1. the feul filter, 2. the fuel pump, or 3. the fuel sensor. How can I tell which one it really is?

Just what exactly are the specifics? Stalls,idles rough,acceleration…for your(model,year…) car.

Right now, it could be any of 14 other parts.

Well, unless the problem is that the gas gauge is inaccurate we can rule out the fuel sensor. And really, if you’re narrowing it down between the fuel pump and filter, you just change the filter because it’s so much cheaper and if that doesn’t fix it it’s the pump.

But, really, you need to describe the symptoms and tell us what year/make/model/engine your car is for us to give you productive advice.

“How can you tell which it really is?” You do the checks and tests on each one. Don’t know how? Look into a repair manual, such as Haynes, or Cliltons>

Well a fuel pump can be checked for pressure and volume, the fuel filter should be replaced as part of regular maintenance and should not be very expensive.

Fuel filter change can be expensive on some vehicles where it is located inside the fuel tank unfortunately. They typically mark these as “life long” ones.