Is a fuel injection system flush needed?

I own a 2008 Jeep Liberty with 80,000 miles on it. A car shop manager recently told me I needed to get a 3 part fuel injection system flush done on my car. When I looked in my owner’s manual I could not find anything saying that this needed to be done. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Is the engine idling normally?
Is the power output still normal?
Has the gas mileage stayed as it always was?

If none of these situations is problematic, then you probably don’t need what was recommended.
However, just to be on the safe side, adding a bottle of Chevron’s Techron fuel additive to the tank is a good idea.

Fuel systems flush is a GREAT money maker for dealers/mechanics. And 99.999999% of the time it’s never needed. Unless your vehicle is throwing any codes, or you’re experiencing drivability problems then it’s not needed.

+1 to VDC and Mike. The local Chrysler dealer tried this one on my sister-in-law at 30,000 miles. They wanted $400. I told here to ignore them. There is nothing wrong with her car even 10,000 miles later.

What they said. At most, add a bottle of Techron (unless there is a problem, of course).

+1 to Techron fuel system cleaner, a bottle in the tank every year or two.

Even my Toyota dealer tried this one on me! We’ve NEVER done a fuel system flush on any of our cars, but once a year I put Techron or equivalent in the tank!

P.S. And we always tank Top Tier gasoline.

IF you’re having a running, idling, power issue now…then, YES.
A bottle of cleaner in the tank might not fix that but a power flush will.

No problems at this time ?
no flush.

Agreeing with all the others on this one, efi flushes are just a profit generator.

When you hear the word “flush” when used with un necessary and with no symptoms for car maintence, do just as you have done. Look for it in your manual. Otherwise, the flushing sound is your money going down the toilet. :wink:

Agree with the others, unless the shop manager has a specific reason to recommend a fuel system service, like there’s a drivability or engine performance problem of which you are aware and agree it is a problem, the objective is probably to flush some money out of your wallet. For comparison, I have a 20+ Corolla, and besides changing the fuel filter per Toyota’s recommended schedule, I never did anything maintenance related to the fuel system at all until last year, when I added some injector cleaner to the tank to help the car pass the Calif emissions test. I have no idea if the injector cleaner did anything to the emissions, but I did notice a slight improvement how the engine responded to slight throttle position changes in slow speed driving, but nothing besides that.

A flush is not always a rip-off. In some cases it is needed and beneficial so it’s a case by case basis.

If the engine is idling glass smooth when warmed up then I would say you do not need it.
If there is any subtle stumble, miss, etc no matter how slight (and assuming the engine is mechanically sound and ignition components are fine) then that could be caused by injectors which could benefit from a proper cleaning.

Induction cleaning may also be needed and beneficial even more so that the injection system.

I had the Motovac fuel system/induction cleaning done on my 95 Dodge Dakota years ago at my mechanic’s suggestion, but he charged about $115 for the job. These days I just put a bottle of Seafoam or Chevron Techron in the gas tank once a year or so.

I might have it done on my 2003 Taurus. The Taurus was my Dad’s car, then his girlfriend’s and now my daughter’s car. It was 10 years old with only 39k city miles. The car is running better after replacing the air filter and spark plugs but there is room for improvement. This is a situation where a fuel system cleaning would help.


Depending on the type of gas you’re using the service may be beneficial to you. They aren’t always necessary, but won’t cause additional issues. Newer vehicles with direct fuel injection NEED to have fuel services done more frequently to maintain proper function. However from what you’ve said, and if you’re not having drivability problems I would keep it in mind but don’t put it on the top of you’re to do list.

Rarely…if ever.

Techron at every oil change and I never had a problem.

I had a flush done at the dealer about 1988 on my 86 Buick to resolve a sticking injector. Never had any problem since but usually put a lot of miles on my cars.