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Fuel system cleaner causing fuel pump problem?

after my last oil change at 55000 miles I added some lucas Fuel system cleaner to the next full gas tank. Shortly after got a CEL poor performance from my fuel pump (it is an in gas tank fuel pump). For my car a 2006 saab 9-3 aero this is a 700 dollar fix. Could this be because some of the loose debris clogged the fuel pump. I’ve looked around and this has happened to some other people (not just on saabs) I wonder if there is any use in adding another (stronger if one is available) bottle and possible breaking up the debris. The car seems to be running fine. Any recs appreciated. I really dont have another $700 to dump. thanks

What was the CEL Code, sure it’s worth a shot of another cleaner, sea foam or techron are both highly recommended.