Fuel System 2006 Buick Rendezvous

I have a CARMD system to check for error codes that is telling me that the #2 Fuel Injector is not working. I move it to the number one spot and it still is telling me that it is the #2 Fuel Injection is not working. The car is not firing properly at idle and when accelerating I loose power and the RPM’s drop,. this happens both in park and drive.

The next thing to check is if the the computer is grounding the circuit for the #2 injector. This can be done by plugging in a noid light into the connector for the #2 injector to see if the noid light flashes.


Yes, as @Tester mentions, changing the injector is a good way to do the diagnois, and from what you say, it sounds like the injector is actually ok, but number 2 position isn’t being properly pulsed by the ecm for some reason. Get a flashlight and mirror and carefully inspect the wiring going to that slot maybe. You may have a damaged or corroded connector or frayed insulation. A bad connection back at the ecm connector could do this too. And esp if there has every been an accident or serious engine work done, it may be one of the engine or ecm grounds is bad.