0302 Help 06 Pathfinder

i have an 06 Pathfinder LE that was running fine earlier. got to a location and when i went to drive home it was a tough start, rough idle and lack of power. got an 0302 code so i changed out the plugs and swapped the # 2 coil for # 4. once started still ran rough as decsribed. read code again after clearing and code still ran 0302, didn’t follow coil. is the #2 coil on drivers side as i have read? anybody else have this issue? can anyone point me in the right direction without just throwing parts at it? thank you for any help.

Since this developed suddenly it’s unlikely to be a compression issue and I think that 2 is on the drivers side.

If you have a stethoscope or long handled screwdriver to substitute as one you might listen to the fuel injector on that cylinder and determine if you hear it pulsing. This should come across as a subtle ticking sound.

If it’s quiet then you need to verify that power is provided to the injector, that is has continuity through the windings with a VOM, and that is has a ground through the ECM.

Until repaired the car does not need to be driven as poor running like this can lead to more serious and expensive problems; especially with catalytic converters.

I might also throw out something regarding spark plugs. Even new ones out of the box can sometimes have a few duds.

i will check it out a little later. thank you

ok. i checked ohm on injector, i checked spark and ground. positive is showing 2.4 volts while running. ground is good. ohm on injector was at 13.6. starting to think it is fuel injector itself, but not wanting to spend $130 to check. it makes me nervous the ohms are close to correct. listened to all 3 injectors on this side, all 3 sound different. #2 here is the quitest.

You could swap injectors and verify the code changes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEIP9ZYnnRc

i went and rented a noid light and discovered that the #2 injector is not getting a signal. any advice on what the next step could be?

You need to verify that the injector is receiving voltage with the key on through one of the injector connector terminals first. The other terminal should ground through the ECM as that what makes it pulse.

Hopefully it’s the injector and not the ECM.

Make sure the injector harness and/or pigtail isn’t brittle

make sure you don’t have rat damage

The car’s almost 10 years old, so both are possibilities

The pigtail could be bad. Check voltage and ground return on the wire by back probing the connector. Then check continuity back to the ECM.