Fuel Supply

I have a '93 Honda Civic that does not want to start easily when the fuel in the tank is below 1/2 full. It will start fine in the morning before work, but continues to turn over without starting in afternoon after work. If the accelorator is slightly applied (1/3 down) while cranking in the afternoon it will start on the fourth, fifth, or sixth attempt. My guess is a leak somewhere and gasoline being lost as vapor in the warmer temps (losing prime), but I don’t know where to start looking or how? And I am confused why this problem starts as the fule level in the tank gets below 1/2 tank? The fuel gauge appears fine and I do not see spots on the pavement. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The problem might be with the fuel pump relay. Honda’s are notorious for this problem.

The relay is located under the dash, above the drivers left knee. The solder joints in these relays are known to crack. As the interior of the vehicle heats up from sitting the sun, these cracked solder joints can make poor
connections where power doesn’t get to the fuel pump.


I agree with Tester’s theory. Likely the level of gas in the tank has nothing to do with the problem. It is the hot afternoon temperature that is causing you grief, affecting the main fuel relay. Replace that component (it’s cheap) and hope your car is cured.