Fuel sensor needed?

I took my '02 Rav 4 to Toyota today as the check engine light was

on. Toyota said that they could not remove the fuel sensor. It’s stuck. In order to remove the sensor, they will have to remove some other parts at a $400 price tag. If not successful, they said they would have to remove the manifold for an additional $800.

I asked them, what if I don’t replace the sensor, and they replied that I wouldn’t be able to get smog certification. I live in an area that does not require smog inspection or certification for renewal of car registration. Do you think I need to spend all that money?

You need to report the actual error code that was associated with the check engine light. It will look like a P with 4 numbers (e.g. P1234). No one can really advise you of much without that.

A report of the vehicle’s mileage and some basic info about the service history would also help.

You also don’t need to use a dealer. Any reputable local mechanic can work on this car. Find an independent local shop and take it there.

Since you don’t have to worry about passing an IM test you could just leave things as they are but I don’t think it is a good idea. If something else happens you won’t know about it because the warning light was already on from the first problem. I doubt anyone else here would tell you just leave it as is.

I have to wonder what fuel sensor you are refering to since it should be in the fuel tank. Perhaps the trouble is with the O2 sensor in the exhaust line. That makes sense from what you talk about getting at it.