Fuel savings

Granted, this is going to be an idiotic question. Perfect for you Click and Clack.

Is it feaseable and possible to convert a v-6 to a v-4 by removing 2 of the fuel infector lines and spark plugs.

Would this work or kill the engine.


Possible but not feasible. You would end up with lower power than a 4 and poorer fuel economy than the 6. The frictional and pumping losses would more than overcome any advantage you are hoping for. Plus it would be rough as all get out.

Seems like someone asks this every week. Will the engine run? Probably. Will it save gas? No. Will it vibrate like a bowling ball in a washing machine? Probably. To have this make any (tiny) sense, you also have to disable the valves.

well, atleast we haven’t seen the influx of watergas crap lately. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gone in 60 seconds maybe but you save nothing and lose a lot.

Since the only reason to do this is to save gas through major sacrifice in engine power, a better (cheaper, easy to do, easy to undo) alternative is to put a brick (not my idea!), or some other thing that limits gas pedal travel, under the gas pedal - just make sure it won’t jam up!

Check the fuel economy on 4-cyl and 6-cyl engines in the same body, like an Accord. There is not a lot of difference in fuel economy. If you want better fuel economy, slow down or get another car.