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Fuel pump test 99 cirrus

Ive got a 99 cirrus 2.5L with no fuel pressure. The fuel pump relay and the ASD relay check out OK. I want to check for power at the connector behind the back seat but the connector is a 7 pin, not a 4 pin as shown in my Haynes manual. Any ideas?

Fuel pump connector; Pin #1 DG/WT is 12 volt supply, Pins 3 and 4 black, are ground.

i saw in the wiring diagrams that DK GRN/WT was to the fuel pump but didnt see it in the connector I was looking at. Maybe I will look again. Thanks.

Nevada 545 rules! I was looking at the wrong side of the connector. The test light tells me I’m doing a fuel pump tomorrow. Thanks a lot.