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2001 Ford Escape fuel pump diagnostic and removal

I have the top of the fuel pump exposed under the left rear seat. I would like to attempt to spin it up before I remove it. I’ve already ruled out the easy stuff like the fuse, pump relay, and inertia switch. There is NO fuel pump pressure at the Shrader valve with the key on or starter engaged. I see four wires going into the pump. BLACK- BLACK WITH WHITE- PINK WITH WHITE- and YELLOW WITH WHITE. I’m sure one is ground. Another pair are probably for the fuel gage. Which pair to I need to energize to test the pump?

Next question. How do I unscrew the big blue plastic retainer from the top of the pump? Is there a special tool that I HAVE to buy?

Thanks for your help.

Pink/White = Fuel Pump Input Voltage.

Black = Fuel Pump Ground

Yellow/White = Fuel Level Sending Unit Input Voltage

Black/White = Fuel Level Sending Unit Ground.

And you need one of these.


Thanks tester. I wonder if I can find that tool locally. It doesn’t seem to be available at Autozone.

If there’s a CarQuest nearby, give them a call.


There is one, run by an old acquaintance of mine, but it’s clear on the other end of town. Still worth the trip if he can get it quickly.

Tester, I sent the link you provided to my CarQuest acquaintance. He said he could order the tool, but it would probably take a week. He suggested I try getting the “cap” to turn by using a flat blade screwdriver and hammer to get it started turning. If I broke it, the cost of a new cap would be less than the tool. I soaked it with PB Blaster for good measure, and the screwdriver and hammer did the trick. Now all I need is $180.