Fuel pump problems

I have a 2000 camry that will not run.the fuel pump is not working checked all the wires on the harness that plugs there is a large blue wire and a large white wire on the harness neither has power.There are also 3 small gauge wires 1 of these stays powered on continuosly checked relay and fuses all ok are there any common problems in this area or any ideas on what i should check next

You need the wiring diagram, don’t you? Here it is: http://www.autozone.com/autozone/repairinfo/repairguide/repairGuideContent.jsp?chapterTitle=Wiring+Diagrams&partName=Chassis+Electrical&pageId=0900c15280092892&partId=0900c1528009279e To view it, go to autozone.com and register, come back here and click on this link. Once there, scroll down to the engine schematic, and print it out.
Looking at the wiring schematic, you see the BL/B (blue with black tracer) wire going to the fuel pump, and the W/B (white with black tracer) leaving the fuel pump and going to ground. There WON’T be power on either wire until until the Circuit Opening Relay is closed by the ECM (engine computer). AND, the ECM won’t make a ground path for the G/R (green with red tracer) wire unless the engine is cranking, or for the first two seconds of ignition switch key ON.
There should be voltage on the B/R (black with red tracer) wire, but not current flow, when the ignition is ON. ON should close the EFI Relay. There should be voltage, but not current flow on the G/R (green with red tracer) wire when the ignition switch is ON.

In some cars the power to the fuel pump is controlled by the car’s security system. Don’t know the Camry for sure, but something else to consider.