Fuel pump problem?

After driving my 2003 Escape for at least 20 minutes, turning it off, starting it again, driving for another 10 minutes, turning it off it will not start. The engine turns over but will not remain running. The electrical system is fine but it seems to not be getting gas even though you can smell gas from repeated attempts to start. This has happened 3 times over 4 months. Is this a fuel pump problem or something else. Diagnostics show nothing. I had it towed again to the mechanic.

If you smell gas, then it is more likely to be an ignition problem than a fuel problem. You can guess at it and throw parts at it, or you can take it somewhere for proper diagnostics.

Thanks for the comment. I’ve had it run on diagnostics and nothing shows up.

Get one of these and next time it happens put it between plug and spark plug wire, You can see it spark every time plug fires, then you know where trouble is.


You misunderstand me. Proper diagnostics is not just doing a computer scan for trouble codes. Proper diagnostics is following the flowchart for no/hard start conditions. In that flowchart will be steps to determine if the engine has compression, if fuel pressure is correct, and if the ignition system is working correctly. Unfortunately, with an inconsistent problem, you may have to leave the car with a mechanic for a few days for it to present the problem to him/her.