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Cavalier bucks in low gear

My daughters 98 Cavalier buck in low gear, starting off after a stop or when slowly making a turn the car starts to bog down and I can actally see the car buck up and down until she gets going. I changed her oil, air filter, spark plugs and wires, but that didn’t help. Now I’m thinking uh-oh, transmission.

Because you did not say I conclude you do not have a "check engine’ light on,so no codes to help,this still sounds like a engine performance issue,you say low gear but I am thinking automatic,if it makes you feel better you can do a “drop and fill” of the trans fluid (check the fluid for being burnt,look for debris)

My question,why did you not change the fuel filter and why did you think a oil change would cure this problem?

Yeah, fuel filter, that makes sense. Good point. The car is an automatic, she had it for month or so and she told me the car was stalling out, so I checked the air filter and while I had the hood open I checked the oil and it was very dirty, I knew that wasn’t causing the problem, but I had it changed and drove the car and it seemed fine, I changed the plugs and wires because it looked easy on that car. I’m not a good mechanic so it was a shot in the dark, that I admit. There is no check engine light on. I took the car to my mechanic. I will let you know what they tell me. Fuel filter, that would be great news!

My mechanic found a wiring harness with three wires shorting out due to the engine moving and rubbing on it during acceleration. It took him a few hours to find it. I thank him for his efforts.