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Fuel pump and filter..?

we have perplaced the fuel pump and fuel filter and hooked it all back up. the car still will not start. it has a strong battery and tries and tries but nothing. no gas gettin thru>???help …stranded in taos.nm

Likely there is an air lock. You may need to get the air out of the line.

ok how do i do this?

Turn the ignition switch to the run position so that the dash lights come on for two seconds and then turn the ignition switch off. Repeat this a half dozen times and then try starting the engine.



You would get the air out quicker if you disconnected the fuel hose at the engine, aim the hose at a catch container, and turned the ignition key ON for two seconds, OFF, ON for two seconds, OFF, ON, etc. When a solid stream of fuel comes out, stop, reconnect, and attempt to start. If it doesn’t start, there are other problems. Let us know.

thanks all of this is very good advice…i have located the fuel lines and it appears/and my book says that i may need a specail tool…?..for spring lock couplings…?which i do not have
if i continue with the ignition -on and off -will it eventually bleed out?