Fuel Problem or What?

Replaced engine on my 1997 Toyota, Tacoma 2.7 liter 4X4 with an engine from Foreign Engines in Washington. A 2001 engine was sent that has 50,000 miles on it. Many of the parts had to be taken from the old engine and put on the new engine. I am having problems starting it first thing in the morning. I have to hold the gas pedal to the floor and turn the ignition switch numerous times to get it started. Once it seems to get gas to the engine I hold the ignition switch down as the engine sputters and pops. As it starts running I hold the gas pedal midway to allow the engine to maintain a normal idle or otherwise the engine will race at top rpms. The engine has to warm up before driving it otherwise it will hesitate in moving forward as you step on the gas. My brother law who did the work in replacing the engine has attempted to trouble shoot this problem and ended up replacing the gas pump, and gas pressure regulator (fuel filter was replaced at the time of engine installation). Replacing these parts made no difference and still now having problems starting this truck. Once the truck has been started it has no problem in starting throughout the day. I need to know what needs to be fixed for the truck to be started up easily!!! Any help diagnosing this problem with be very much welcomed!!!

Holding the gas pedal to the floor on any EFI car tells the computer to turn off the fuel injectors in ordt to clear a flooded condition. If this helps the truck to start, the truck is most likely flooded with gas, most likely from either stuck open injectors or a coolant temp sensor or ambient temp sensor is telling the computer the engine is way much cooler than it is. With a scan tool, the CTS and IAC sensor readings can be monitored for bad readings. Pulling the spark plugs when it refuses to start can confirm the flooded conditions.

It sounds to me like one or more injectors are stuck open and flooding the engine while it sits over night


I hope your brother in law used the complete intake manifold setup and fuel injectors and sensors that were on your original engine. If not, that’s the first thing to go back and do.