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1999 Tacoma- Inconsistent Starting

this is my second post about my 1999 tacoma having difficulties starting. i have experienced “false starts” where the starter would work but the engine wouldn’t turn over. it occurs consistently whenever it is running hot/warm. when that occurs, i hold down the start position longer and give it some gas it always starts. my question to whomever can help answer it is: do i need a new starter or a new fuel pump or something else? any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If the starter is cranking the engine you don’t need a new starter.

You should not have to step on the gas to start the engine, warm or cold. The fact that this is temperature related makes me think the coolant temperature sender might be faulty, and the computer is not correctly adjusting the air/fuel ratio.

That’s just a guess based on the limited information available in your post. There are many other possibilities.

If any maintenance is overdue, such as spark plugs, fuel filter, etc, now would be a good time to bring everything up to date.

Does the engine run well once it gets going? Has the Check Engine Light ever come on?

I just had a new radiator put in about 4000 miles ago and the fuel filter was replaced at that time as well.

as far as the check engine light goes it did come on thursday but no trouble starting it when it came on. once it starts everything runs really well.

im not sure exactly when i replaced the plugs but i think it was about 20k miles ago.