Hard starting

I have a 1997 3.0 taurus when the engine is cold (below 50) for more than 4 hours the car acts like it is flooded I have to push the peddle to the floor to start the car. There is no check engine light but I ran a diagnostic check on it any way, no codes.It is acting like a bad ect sensor I replaced 1 it didnt make any difference. Are there two ? one for the gauge and one for pcm ? I all ready swapped out the maf and the throttle air bypass with known good ones.

How old are the plugs and wires? When was the last fuel filter change? How about the air cleaner? I am not saying I believe these may be the cause, but if they are due, then I would do them first.

The problem might be with the Idle Air Control motor.

If the IAC motor goes to the wrong position for a cold start, no air is allowed into the engine. When the accelerator is depressed it allows air into the engine so the engine starts.