Fuel price protests in The UK result in huge traffic jams

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The uk has many issues but I’m convinced a lot of their issues could be corrected by simply driving on the correct side of the road. No country is an island. Gstq.

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I think I’m with this guy:

“I’m not sure what they’re achieving - other than inconveniencing people," he said.

“…. The protesters have actually inconvenienced everyone else who is inconvenienced by high fuel prices.”


It is a good thing to allow the common folk to vent their frustrations. Some people think harmless venting is criminal. A study of king George on the 4th is not off topic.

Two years ago it was Canadian truckers and now UK truckers.

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And Brussels, farmers in France and Greece…

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Their taxes are so high that their fuel only doubled from the low point during the pandemic. In the USA it is up nearly 4 times, even though our current prices is less than theirs.

The person who commented that people still drive at 80 MPH has a good point. Doing that increases fuel consumption a lot.