Freeway Slowdowns - Modern Protest Movement Or A Way To Really Tick People Off?

When I Read An Article By Tony Briscoe In The Detroit News Today, That A Guy Unhappy With The Appointment Of An Emergency Manager To Take Over The Bankrupt City, Was Slowing Traffic On A Detroit Interstate, I Was Appalled.|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

I can picture this leading to injuries and deaths, either by accident or on purpose. I think it’s nuts to protest in this way and I hope this is not a new trend.

How can this be stopped, what should happen to the protesters, and do you think this type of protest is a good idea or a bad idea ?


Of course it is a bad idea.
As to how it can be stopped, the only possible way that I can envision is to ticket the offenders–if they can be caught.

This reminds me of a story that I read many years ago, about an elderly man (a retired M.D., actually), who lived somewhere in the DC suburbs. He decided that there were too many people driving over the speed limit on a nearby interstate highway, so his daily recreation included driving in the left lane at exactly the speed limit in order to slow everyone down…while most of the other drivers on that road had to take evasive action in order to avoid the cars swerving out of the left lane when they encountered this crazy old coot’s rolling roadblock.

If you want to protest something…
…Form a picket line in front of whatever government building is relevant to your complaint…
…Bombard your elected officials with letters, e-mails, and phone calls…
…Erect signs on your front lawn…
…Write letters to the editors of various newspapers…
…Organize local committees or other groups…

…but DON’T endanger other folks on the road by attempting to make the highway the scene of your protest!

@VDCdriver, Well Stated.

‘‘impeding the flow of traffic’’ is the citation that is so rarely used…but exists.
’‘careless driving’’ could be applied in rare cases with enough proof.

I generally don’t like namecalling, but this guy is an idiot.

All this guy is doing is annoying people. It’s NOT accomplishing anything.

Last time I was in Detroit it was a mess. When the 25% of the people that vote elect people who cannot or will not manage, ruin the city’s finances, and create a general level of lawlessness, I have no problem with bringing in an outside resource to turn it around.

Its a shame this historical city has fallen so far and a further shame that many of the people living there have no idea how far it has fallen. And then to use the excuse that their vote is being taken is a total sham and those around the country supporting this should be ashamed.

“I generally don’t like namecalling, but this guy is an idiot.”

You’re too kind, as usual, mountainbike. You are every bit the prince that Joseph Meehan is. BTW, where has he been lately? Joseph, I miss your commentary.

Angering the ‘common man’ that’s just trying to get to work, pick up their kids, etc. is no way to accomplish change. Whoever came up with this form of “protest” is an utter fool.

I will echo everyone here by saying whoever came up with this kind of protest is an idiot, utter fool or complete moron. I added the “complete moron” description just so you know. I’m sure some better…or worse names are out there.

If I Tried Slowing Traffic On An Interstate I’d Be Killed By A Road Raged Motorist.
How Are These Guys Getting Away With Their Lives, In Detroit No Less ?


This type of protest isn’t new. Many years ago bicyclists in CA were doing the same thing to protest the lack of support for bicyclists. Luckily no-one was killed there either.

So a guy who uses the title Reverend before his name is urging civil disobedience and possibly endangering others. He’s a moron/whiner to the nth degree.

As to what should be done about it, maybe a quick statute calling for the immediate impoundment of any vehicle stopped for a deliberate act like this would be a start along with a 90 day first offense driver’s license suspension. A hefty tow bill and lot fee might discourage some of that idiotic behavior; or maybe not.

Next step will be someone going into road rage mode, shooting one of those idiots, and a plethora of lawsuits filed against the city and state for not protecting them.

I concur w/CSA. Protests are fine for the public sidewalks, but not the freeway.

So far it seems to be generating a great deal more interest than most of the OWS rallies. That would indicate the effort is somewhat successful.

“As to what should be done about it, maybe a quick statute…”

There already are statutes available. If an officer thinks an act is bad enough, he can give a citation for reckless driving. Judges don’t like that sort of behavior, and will make sure the charged driver understands the seriousness of their error.

Ya know if the terrorists don’t mind flying into the twin towers, why would they care less about tying up traffic. It is a possibility.

If there were traffic advisory signs like Los Angeles has, there would be no need of bad drivers. I wish they’d shut the signs off if there is no problem down the road. Then there’s that hilltop on 405 where traffic just stops and then goes back to top speed for no reason. Back to Detroit; tell Dave Bing to speed up. Don’t know who he is; ask your Dad. He may know that Dave played for the Pistons and is now the mayor. Sorry, I can’t leave youse hanging.

This protest doesn’t do the 2 things a good protest should do: 1) Be directed at the source of the problem (in this case the state of Michigan) and 2) inhibit the activity of the thing being protested (in this case the activity of the emergency manager).

But this protest does draw attention to the situation, unfortunately it’s because it angered people who could do nothing about it.

That’s why the Rosa Parks protest was so effective. It was directed at those folks who enforce the laws and it forced them to either tolerate violation of those laws (which would have been a “win”) or arrest the violator, thereby drawing attention to the situation (another “win”).

Those who have profited hugely from Detroit wish to enjoy their “liquidity” in untaxed comfort

unhampered by the gauche, who work day to day to live pay check to pay check at minimum wage. It will be the Utopia of gated communities for those who have “made it.”