Fuel pressure test with no test port?

I got a 2004 Nissan Sentra and I just got the loaner fuel pressure tester from Autozone. Looking to test the fuel pressure on my car. Looking to see if someone has tested the fuel pressure on a car like mine and exactly how do things get set up to test it because this car does not have a test port?

You need a universal fuel pressure gauge set.


No port means you need to disconnect the fuel inlet and tee in with one of the myriad of test fittings shown in Tester’s picture.

On my cotoalla i remove aux injector. For your car that may not work. On my rabbit vw i had to make an adapter to t in to the fuel hose.

I have the test set that @Tester showed and tucked into a large opening on the lower half where the instructions and replacement O-rings were stored are now 6 or so contraptions that I made to enable connecting to various vehicles that weren’t included in the set. As best I can recall foreign throttle body systems were the most common cause for cobbling up connections.

Edit: I’ll add that my test set dates back to the early 90s and was from Snap-On but it looked very similar to @Tester 's picture.