Fuel pressure issues; Round 3

Car is a 2001 Saturn SL1; 4 cyl engine; 110,000 miles; well maintained.

About six months ago, my CEL lit. RPM at idle dropped from about 800 to 500 and acceleration was sluggish. I don’t recall the exact code, but it was a lean condition. My mechanic said the fuel pressure was way too high and engine computer retarding RPM accordingly. He replaced the fuel pump and filter. The car ran fine.

Two months later, there was round 2 of the same symptoms. Mechanic replaced the fuel pressure regulator. The car ran fine.

Today, we have round 3. The CEL is back on and the same symptoms are back.

Car is going back to the mechanic tomorrow. I trust my mechanic fully, but I’m just frustrated at this point. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on what could be causing the fuel pressure issues?

Blind trust is not good. High fuel pressure and the first thing he does is replace the fuel pump? Not likely the problem and very expensive to boot. Get a new mech and post the fuel pressure reading along with the actual codes.