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Fuel or fuel pump

150K 2003 durango 4.7 , ran like a top , backed in my driveway to eat lunch . went to start and it sounded like it was firing on 1 or 2 cylinders give it a little gas and it died .
repeated 3 or 4 times now no fire at all . no check engine light at first now it flashes .
about 30 miles with new fuel from a reputable local station tank was on reserve ( 0 miles on the overhead indicator ).
all fuses are good . could it be a relay . … help

If the Check Engine light flashes it indicates a major engine misfire. Continuing to drive the vehicle with a flashing Check Engine light can result in damage to the catalytic converter. You need to find out what is causing the major engine misfire.


A weak or failing fuel pump can cause a misfire on the 4.7 L Durango. The engine and fuel rails are on an angle that when pressure is lost or very low will send vapor to the front injectors and liquid fuel to the rear injectors. Check the fuel pressure, there is a test port on the fuel rail.