Check engine light flashing 2004 Dodge Dakota

On empty a week ago, filled 1/2 a tank, drove home no issue. Didn’t drive truck for a week. Turned it on this morning (didn’t warm it up) about 10 minutes into the drive anytime you tried to accelerate, the truck would buck. If you were idling or just had your foot slightly on the pedal driving at the same speed it was fine, it only bucked when I really pushed on the pedal to accelerate. The check engine light started flashing as well. Any thoughts

A flashing check-engine light means damage is being done, so I wouldn’t recommend continuing to drive.

As for diagnosing the problem, it would be wasting time trying to guess without having the codes read.

Get the codes read, as noted. Many auto parts stores read them for free, but if you can’t get there without the light flashing you may be better off trying to find a loaner or buying a cheap code reader (~ $50). Driving with the light flashing is bad. If you get the codes post the exact codes here - they look like “P1234”

A flashing light is usually a severe misfire and this can come from any kind of problem - fuel, air, spark, compression. (The codes would be something between P0300 - P0308, but there may be other/alternate codes…)

How many miles are on the truck? When is the last time it got new plugs? Wires? Fuel filter? Air filter? The bucking on accel makes me think first of a fuel supply issue - but like I said it could be lots of things.

It is going to the shop today. It has around 80,000 miles on it. When we checked it later in the day the light was not flashing. It only flashed when it bucked, but when idling or just coasting and not pressing more on the gas pedal it wouldn’t flashed.